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I need some thinspiration!!!!!! Like NOW!!!! [30 Jan 2009|12:20pm]

I am too fat to justify a binge. I take it I'm one of the fattest ones here posting on a regular basis. My current BMI is about 25.3....

So someone post a link or a pic to get me to stop fucking eat or I am going to go for a bike ride for an hour. Maybe I'll just check back when I get in from my bike ride....

How many cals do I burn an hour biking?

So afraid to weigh myself since I binged last night.
.lose it.

[30 Jan 2009|12:45am]

thanks for all the support lovely ladies. im doing a little better today but still not so great. i bought some ec stack pills online and was reading reviews and am excited to take them when they finally arrive. i miss the feeling of constantly losing. it was so liberating to go from 170lbs to 128, and it will be just as liberating to go from my current 130 to 100. think thin!
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fabulous news [29 Jan 2009|11:26am]

[ mood | pleased ]

Trying to love myself even with all this disgusting blubber all over.

I noticed yesterday that even though my thighs are WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too big, I've been walking or biking everywhere, with an occassional bus ride when it's raining, and my thunder thighs don't jiggle anymore when I walk.

I'd love skinny thighs, but I'll settle for fatty thighs that are rock solid for now. And I'm about to bike around for an hour or so, going nowhere in particular, but so I can burn off the 300 cals I had for breakfast.

Speaking of thighs, if any of you even think about eating more than what is necessary for survival today, look at your thighs! <3

.lose it.

[29 Jan 2009|01:08am]

m beginning to lose hope. im working so hard and nothing is happening. i feel like no matter what i do im stuck.

sometimes i think the only way ill be able to hit zero is if i just end things myself...

i dont know what to do. im so lost. i cry myself to sleep every night.
.lose it.

Cals for today and my goals for the next five weeks:) [26 Jan 2009|06:16pm]

Total for the day: 890 cals

I am going to exercise in a few hours, I am starting the Carmen Electra Aerobic Striptease DVD Again:D I am going to do it everyday (maybe twice, if I can) for the next five weeks. Also I am going to do 500 cals a day.

It is so fun..lol It reminds me of when I was in dance class...I miss dance class so much:( I have made a new goal of five weeks of exercising everyday and watching intake, my treat, a pole! lol I can't wait to get it..lol

So far since October 2008 till now I have lost 42 lbs
cw: 168 lbs
gw: 105 lbs
.lose it.

hellooo.... [18 Aug 2008|01:22am]

name: makayla
etc.:mother of 10 month old baby
current weight: 158
hightest weight: 166 lbs
lowest weight: 131 lbs
goal weight: 115 and under
favorite thinspiration: any thin girl who looks beautiful!

favorite thinspiration quotes:
"You dont need food. You body has enough stored."
"Nothing tastes as good as thin feels"
"You wont remember that french fry you ate. but youll remember the fat you gained from that fry every time you look in the mirror."
"Sacrifice is giving something up for something better."


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[30 Mar 2008|02:05pm]

 Hi guys, I'm fixing to create my first ever YOUTUBE thinspo!! (My poor brother has had to show me how to use all kinds of crazy cool software lol) I would love to make it a Real Girl Thinspo to inspire others to keep going and that they can achieve it too! I don't want just a bunch of generic pics that are used in every thinspo so what I would like from you guys is your pics if you don't mind... before and afters, hip bones, thin legs ect... I promise to be responsible with anything you provide me with, I just want to do something spectacular for the Ana community!

Thanks Guys and Think Thin!
.lose it.

Promotion [03 Jan 2007|12:39am]

I've created a new community called ed_sorority. It is a community to support people with eating disorders. Open membership & hopefully lots of new members. Feel free to join =) !


Candy *
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New Community [19 Oct 2006|10:02pm]

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Salutations. :] [12 Aug 2006|02:15pm]

[ mood | okay ]

I typically don't post my stats, but here they are:

Height: 5'2"
Current Weight: 119 lbs
Highest Weight: 130 lbs
Lowest Weight: 105 lbs
Short-term Goal: 100
Long-term goal: 90-95 (I think)

Really, I just want my hipbones back. x]

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[13 Jun 2006|03:26pm]

hey, im new to the community and i am looking for a partner. . . in a way. Im looking for someone that can motivate me and that i can motivate. My plan isnt to starve myself..just eat some fruits/vegs/green tea. Thats what i want my diet to be. or i dont even know. I used to do that and lost soo much weight, but i went on vacation and started eating horrible again.. if anyone is interested in having a friend and motivator let me know!!
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I think I'm Ana [03 Nov 2005|04:10pm]

:: waves :: Hi, everyone.

I joined because I think I'm Ana.... over the last week I've been eating only one meal a day, in the evening, and I feel very happy with myself. I'm going to try and eat less because I love the feeling of strength I get from not eating throughout the day. Today I have had two bowls of Coco Pops and I feel disgusting.... I'm aiming to have one low cal meal a day, no snacks or anything.... it's going to be difficult with my family and friends and other half but I'm determined to be strong.
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ana quiz [19 Oct 2005|07:48pm]

I made an awesome ana quiz for ana911 but I thought my ana sistahs here would luff it too! It's called:

How Ana Are You?

1. Have you done the chicken nugget fast? a) yes b) no c) I tried it but I gave in and binged :(

2. Do people In Real Life notice you are ana?! a) yes b) no c) They haven't said anything yet but I know they suspect because I accidentally left my thinspiration notebook by the oreos OOPS

3. Do you have an ana bracelet??? a) yes b) no c) I have 5!!!!!

4. Who is da best thinspirashun????? a) I dont know b) I dont care c) MARY-KATE OLSEN FUCKING DUH

5. What r ur stats???!?!?!?!? a) I dont know b) I dont care c) STATS DONT MATTER WHEN UR ANA SILLEE!!

k, now here is the hard part my ana porpoises. I kno math is hard so bear whiff me. For each A give urself 0 points. For each B give urself 0 points. For each C give uself 100 points!


0 points or less: ur not ana! u fail!
100 points: ur a little ana! ur on dah rite track, just keep thinking thin!!!!!
200: getting better hun!!! jus buy sum green tea and youll be an ana princess in no time!!!
300-400: omg ur so good at being ana!!!! ur liek mah thinspirashin!!!!

tanks gurlies i hope i liked my quiz!!!!!!


xposted a tiny bit sorry!
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EPHEDRA [22 Aug 2005|08:10pm]

Does anyone know of any useful and easily accesible cheap Appetite Suppressants that contain Ephedra?
.lose it.

HELP! [12 Aug 2005|02:20pm]

Oh boy...what have I done...
I told myself I'd never buy any medication laxatives... Now I'm paying the price for my hyporcracy. Fuck. I didn't realize I bought the slowest acting laxatives 8-12 hours. And I have a concert to go to during the time period the laxative(I ate double the reccomended dose) is supposed to kick in. I ran for an hour and ate some prunes...hopefully that will speed up the process before the concert.... Anyone have any words of advice.
.lose it.

[07 Aug 2005|12:47pm]

Hey everybody! it thot u guys might like this. It's a pro_Ana painting that my friend did. Shes selling her art for real cheap.
this one is like 4.00 only!


That one is called "Mind Over Matter" and it's a girl holding an orange. If u guys are into art, then these are really cool. and theres more pro_ana painting on there if you're interested. Ciao bellas!!
<3<3 Heidi
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[04 May 2005|02:09pm]


Join fixmymirror now! We are a new community for any eating disorder, and are in need of new members!
.lose it.

[25 Apr 2005|10:25am]

I just moved out of my house aweek ago, and Im now living w/ my friend. Her mom never comes home so its just the two of us...Her and I both get money from our folks for food. She has $40 dollars a week to buy food and such, and I have $25. We are both currently looking for jobs, and cannot afford much to eat. She is used to buying starches (bread rice) to eat because they come cheap...I on the other hand prefer veggies and fruit. She wants to combine money to buy groceries but Id rather buy my own food. Im living in her house, so its a bit hard to tell her no, I wont eat your food...
.lose it.

X-posted [15 Apr 2005|02:16am]

I need to go on a fast. I told my boyfriend I wont let him see me naked for at least two months. Im going to be 110 at the most...I swear on everything I can do this. I just need some hardcore motivation, someone to keep a check up on me. Will any of you gals/guys out there help me fast/fast w/ me? Im starting As of right now. no food will touch these lips for two weeks.
Leave me a message on LJ
IM me:pinkpanther92887
email me: Xxpain4pleasurexX@hotmail.com
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fatty mc'fat [01 Apr 2005|10:31pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hello all.
I haven't updated for the past three months, because I'm so ashamed of my weight balloning up to 135...eck! Im going to school at the ymca and I'm working out everyday, or every other day...sometimes twice a day. Which I will be committing to doing twice a day everyday. I know that weight training is to be done every other day, but I'm going to do some sort of aerobic and cardio exercise everyday. I noticed cellulite on the back of my legs, which has never been there before. My mum said if I continue working out everyday, I'll lose the cellulite, and tone up + drop noticable pounds within 3 months...does that sound right? Anyone have any tips for toning up within 2 months perhaps?

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